Are Russian nationalism and Russian patriotism synonyms or antonyms?

Answer Easy. Patriotism is about a state and its institutions while nationalism makes people the main priority, in our particular case Russian people. For example, the communists are patriotic about the S... Read More »

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How would the 123acrobat 333bench know what a masspecometer is would jay leno or vin diesel tell or would they try to play pro baseball or hockey instead how about those Russian dancers eh yes or no?

How to Say Cat in Russian?

Russian does not contain a proper word for gender-neutral English word 'cat'; one can only say 'she-cat' or 'he-cat' for adult cats. However there is a gender-neutral word for kittens.

How to Do a Russian Sit Up?

This article explains how to perform a Russian sit up.

How to Get a Russian Visa?

Whether for traveling for work, family or vacation, preparing to travel to Russia can be a daunting task. Knowing how to get a Russian visa should be one of the first items to check off your list, ... Read More »