Do you know a wed site so i can get free songs?


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What site can I go to to get free mp3 download songs for my mp3 player?

I'm sorry Rae, but I really think it is ILLEGAL to do that. You truly should go onto itunes for songs. You can also put bad cookies onto your computer if you download something. I'm not sure but I ... Read More »

What's a safe site to download free songs?

open up two windows. first one youtube, second one youtube converter. look up whatever song on youtube, watch it. copy the http adress at the top of the screen, paste it into the box on youtube con... Read More »

Is there any site to download songs for free onto ipod?

Please keep in mind that you can download/share only copyright-free (classical, nursery rhymes) music for free, unless the copyright owners allow free downloading/sharing of their material. ALL sit... Read More »

What is a good FREE site where you can upload songs and get url to use with song-player?