Do you know a website with a program that functions like Excel?

Answer The web site that has a program like MS-Excel is at this URL: In fact, the download is a complete working copy of an office suite with all of the applications that are si... Read More »

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Functions Used in Excel?

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are deceptively simple, lining up figures in rows and columns and allowing you to write simple formulas to perform mathematical operations on the numbers. Over the year... Read More »

Does Excel has more than 400 functions?

There are more than 330 worksheet functions supplied with Excel, which are usually grouped into the following categories (also showing the number of available functions within each): • Database... Read More »

How to Run Excel Functions?

Microsoft Excel is a popular spreadsheet application that is part of Microsoft Corporation's office suite for Windows and OS X. Excel is capable of supporting multiple spreadsheets per file and can... Read More »

Excel Date Functions?

Excel date functions let you sort and perform calculations on date values by converting the date to formats more appropriate for your scenario. The first day in Excel is Jan. 1, 1900, for Windows u... Read More »