Do you know a good silent or quiet computer keyboard?

Answer i currently have a logitech g11 gaming keyboard and it is very quite and backlit. It won't make the loud noises like laptop keyboards. you can find it for about 60 bucks at

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What's a good way to keep my computer quiet at night?

There isn't a way to really stop all the noise without putting it in sleep mode or turning it off. I would just suggest making sure there are not any unnecessary programs running, maybe try getting... Read More »

Loud vs. Quiet(er) Keyboard during Recording?

I think people want to hear the keybord to know when pressing keys but don't make it too loud or it will just be annoying

How do I quiet my computer?

How to Put Norton on Silent Mode for a Faster Computer?

Norton Internet Security software monitors the computer for malicious software, such as viruses, spyware and adware. The software performs background scans while the computer is on. The background ... Read More »