How to Accept Christ As Your Savior?

Answer "Jesus"... statistics show that this name is mentioned more than 3 million times an hour... Statistics even show that millions embrace Christianity each day, and that Christianity is the world's la... Read More »

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If our Lord, Jesus Christ had a Mobile Phone (cell phone) what would be his network provider?

He's a carpenter - it doesn't matter what phone he has, all I know is that he's constantly on it when he's supposed to be finishing the job I gave him!

How to Seek the Presence of Jesus Christ in your Life?

If you are sick, tired, and want to find life in this dark world and want to be saved from HELL, then you can find Jesus. He will personally guide you into all truth in your life, if you will only ... Read More » is surely a joke, right?

Not to them. They are serious. ~While you might not agree with them they are entitled to their opinion. Freedom of Speech, Religion, etc.

If Jesus Christ came to your door, what would you serve Him for dinner?

whatever he wanted, he's the guest he decides. if i can accomodate friends and relatives and get up and cook for them when they come over, and let them pick what they want, then i can most certainl... Read More »