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Answer Yes. It's quite weird to hear such kind of things. I've heard people saying that "con" is something related to OLD MS-Dos, but nowadays the computer softwares are new and developed & so, it won't c... Read More »

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Can you tell me anything interesting you know of the shoulder chakras?

I know a small amount about the chakras, but had never heard of shoulder chakras before.It made me curious to see if there were such chakra, and I managed to find the following:QuoteThe Shoulder-Bl... Read More »

Im bored..... any one know interesting sites worth visiting?…^'s really lame, but addictive...& Read More »

Rock & Pop: What's the most interesting musical fact you know?

Graham Nash discovered Elton John. And how did EJ re-pay him? By playing piano on Hollies records after Graham left the group. Prick!!!

Does anyone know of any interesting documentaries to watch online?

Adolf Lincoln..…....etc..