Do you keep crutches you get from the hospital?

Answer I dont think so, I had to take mine back

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Ways to Keep Crutches From Slipping?

Crutches help those with leg injuries, such as a broken leg or a sprained ankle, get around during the healing process. They are made to fit under the arms about two inches below the arm pits and h... Read More »

Is there anything I can do to keep sores from breaking out on dad who is in hospital. He is diabetic.?

There may be no medical treatment which will help but he's entitled to basic nursing care to keep him comfortable. He should be moved every hour, his vulnerable points (elbows. heels, buttocks) sh... Read More »

What crutches would chose to use fore arm crutches or auxillary?

Do you have an injury which requires the use of crutches?Elbow crutches are easier to use.

If you are in labor and live 45 minutes away from the hospital when should you leave to go to the hospital?

Answer You should go to the doctor in compliance with the order of your Obstetrician. Usually, women go to the Doctor when their contractions are regular and predictable. You also have to factor... Read More »