Do you keep a hd tv to use the blue ray on your playstation 3?

Answer The PS3 was designed for HDTVs and only works on a standard 480i TV. It does not give you the performance of the PS3 on a HDTV with 1080p and now the top 3D HDTVs offer the best video capability. T... Read More »

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Does the playstation 3 have blue ray?

Yes the PlayStation 3 has Blu-Ray. It also can play DVD's and CD's besides playing games and searching the Web. The PS3 can Play the DVD's in near HD quality when it upscales them and can also upsc... Read More »

Will the playstation 2 play blue ray DVD's?

Will the playstation 3 only play blue ray dvd's?

The PlayStation 3 not only can play Blue ray DVD'S but also HD DVD'S and regular DVD'S .

Can a playstation 2 play a blue ray disc?

Typically, you should avoid movies that want you to download some unknown player... Beware the ScamsYou should also be alert for scams related to video playback. The scams are usually related to "n... Read More »