Do you keep a first aid kit in your house or car?

Answer I keep an extensive first aid kit at home. My daughter has a gastrostomy (a feeding tube in her stomach) so I have to be covered for eventualities like her tube being accidentally pulled out (this... Read More »

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How do you keep giant house spiders out of your house?

This isn't so much an answer, but I also have this issue and live in the Olympia, Washington area. Just today I had to remove a DVD sized spider from my home, someone please share your insights.

How to Keep Trick or Treaters from Coming to Your House Without Them Vandalize Your Property?

Ever had those nasty trick or treaters. Here's how to prevent them

How do you keep bugs out of your house?

There is a product called "Bug Stop". I use it faithfully every six months. It is very powerful and it gets the job done. It's a clear spray liquid found in most lawn and garden shops or Walmart... Read More »

How to Keep Ladybugs Out of Your House?

Ladybug infestations can be a nightmare for homeowners. Typically, ladybugs seek warm areas in the winter to hibernate. When the temperature drops outside, the ladybugs come in. Ladybugs travel in... Read More »