Do you hook up ice makers to hot or cold water?

Answer According to Georgia master plumbing contractor, Mark E. Love, ice makers may be connected to either hot or cold water; however, to conserve energy, simply use a cold water supply.More Information:... Read More »

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Do you hook up hot or cold water to Ge Triton dishwasher?

Are water filters necessary for Cuisinart coffee makers?

You do not need to use a water filter with your Cuisinart coffee maker, although the company recommends doing so. Coffee consists mostly of water, so the better tasting your water is, the better ta... Read More »

Do coffee makers use radio waves to heat up the water?

No they use electric coils to heat the water

Can you tap into cold line to fridge for ice maker to install a cold water dispenser for wine bar on opposite wall?

Answer Yes, you can use brass fittings or the plastic fittings that snap onto to the plastic line. I like the snap on fittings.