Do you have your blood pressure and cholesterol level checked on a regular basis?

Answer What about blood-sugar checks on regular basis, in addition to what you recommend?

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My cholesterol level is 7.1, and blood pressure is 104/80, and my doctor said that's nothing to worry about?

Dyslipidemia is elevation of plasma cholesterol and/or TGs or a low HDL level that contributes to the development of atherosclerosis. Causes may be primary (genetic) or secondary. Diagnosis is by m... Read More »

Is it common to have high blood pressure but not cholesterol?

For most people, the cause remains unknown, making primary blood pressure the more prevalent of the two.While it is not entirely known why primary high blood pressure occurs, research is ongoing an... Read More »

Does cholesterol and blood pressure medicine mess with your period?

Do you know that no women has ever benefited for cholesterol meds? Out of the hundreds of studies, paid for by Big Pharma, none have shown a benefit to anyone except males between the ages of 17 an... Read More »

Blood Pressure and Cholesterol?

Basically you are right and your doctor is not!A 21 year old positively SHOULD NOT be prescribed a drug for cholesterol without any other pertinent risk factors. ( this is not guideline management)... Read More »