Do you have to wear hijab in front of your brother-in-law?

Answer It may or may not be against the law, depending on where you live, but doing that is certainly stupid.

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How old should someone be to wear a hijab?

The Koran commands women to guard their modesty and not to display their beauty. To adhere to this command, many Islamic women wear a hijab. According to Islamic beliefs, a female becomes a woman a... Read More »

How to Wear a Hijab?

Muslim girls wear hijabs to cover their hair in front of men who are non-relatives to them. The steps below will guide you on which one you might like to choose.

How to Wear the Hijab?

'This method on "how to wear the Hijab" is easy and quick. It provides good coverage from the front and also looks good.

How to Wear an Islamic Hijab?

A hijab is a head covering worn by some Muslim women for modesty. There are many ways to wear a hijab, and it can be something that's simple and black or a boldly colored or patterned head covering... Read More »