Do you have to waterproof leather?

Answer Yes, you need to waterproof leather. Several products can used to achieve this. Beeswax mixed with neatsfoot oil will waterproof leather, and many commercial products are available to waterproof al... Read More »

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Are leather jackets waterproof?

Leather jackets are not waterproof and shouldn't be worn in the rain. If they get wet, they should be dried on a flat surface at room temperature. Silicone spray will help protect a leather jacket ... Read More »

How to Maintain Waterproof Leather Boots?

Proper maintenance can extend the life of your leather boots and improve their performance and comfort. Frequent cleaning is important, especially for hiking boots, and occasional conditioning prev... Read More »

Winter is coming up and i was wondering do you know where to get a leather raincoat that's waterproof?

haha, funny. it's more fun to go without a raincoat

If you have a water proof case for your ipod do you have to have waterproof headphones?

the magnet pulls a spring which vibrates a speaker to make high and low sounds ths is all caused by wires and other things that have radio thing majigs which know what song it is so it tells how mu... Read More »