Do you have to use a child seat for 9 and 11 year olds in Italy?

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Can eleven year olds sit in the front seat?

i really wante dto figure your question so i did some research and i found the awnser the is:one of his kids did they named her Sarah

Child Craft Activities for 6 Year Olds?

Many 6-year-olds are in the first grade. Children in the early elementary years are especially fond of craft activities, which keep their hands busy while stimulating their imagination. Craft proje... Read More »

What is a 15 year olds legal rights when having a child?

The same rights as any other mother?Could you be a bit more specific and I will try to help more :)Answer:Everything regarding the child is up to you to decide, no one elses unless you can not prov... Read More »

How would you discuss sexual child abuse with 5 year olds?

Tell them if your swimsuit covers it no one should touch it, that may help idk :)