Do you have to trim a butterfly bush?

Answer You need to trim a butterfly bush. Flowers sprout from new wood, so before any new growth begins, cut the old wood almost to the ground early in the spring. During growing season, you'll notice sma... Read More »

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What is a butterfly bush?

A butterfly bush is a large shrub that produces ample amounts of purple and blue flowers during the summer months. The bush is easy to care for and notorious for attracting butterflies.Plant Descri... Read More »

Does a butterfly bush need to be in full sun?

Butterfly bushes (Buddleia) require full sunlight, but can withstand some shade in the warmer climates. These bushes grow in many soil types, require pruning in the warmer areas and attract many in... Read More »

Does a butterfly bush reseed itself?

The butterfly bush is a prolific plant. It can produce up to 40,000 seeds per flower head and has a germination rate of 90% or higher. Seeds can remain viable in the soil for about 3 to 5 years and... Read More »

How do I get my butterfly bush to bloom again?

If it is fairly high and hasnt been cut in years I would cut it back 1/3 to 1/2. I would go ahead and cut it now. Normally you should cut it back every year just before spring growth begins. You ma... Read More »