Do you have to start your period before you can get pregnant?

Answer If you are on the verge of puberty, you could be in the time of your first ovulation and get pregnant without ever having your period. Please get some more info before launching yourself into the u... Read More »

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Think im pregnant but feel like im going to start my period help me? old are you?17 teen in i am giong to be 18 teen next year but i think i am preqnancy again and i got the symptoms

Is it possible to tell if you're pregnant before your period is supposed to start?

Answerit's POSSIBLE but the first 10 days or so before your period you shouldn't be able to get pregnant AnswerThe above answer is not a good one.First of all,when do you ovulate?Many of us don't ... Read More »

If you spot one day and don't start a period can you be pregnant?

Can you become pregnant if you start your period 15 minutes after you had intercourse?

Answer It is extremely unlikely as most women ovulate two weeks befoire a period so the egg will be long gone, and the loss of the lining of the uterus during the period means there is nowhere for... Read More »