Do you have to start your period before you can get pregnant?

Answer If you are on the verge of puberty, you could be in the time of your first ovulation and get pregnant without ever having your period. Please get some more info before launching yourself into the u... Read More »

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If you got pregnant a few days before your period was due when would you start to have any symptoms?

Answeryes you CAN get pregers right before your period.....I had conceived on the 3rd of September of this year. I had my period on the 9,although it only lasted for a few days, instead of the usua... Read More »

Can you be pregnant if your breasts are sore and you have abdominal pains about 3 weeks before your period is supposed to start?

Answer I would say you are getting ready to, or already ovulating.

Can you have sex three days before your period still get your period and be pregnant after your period?

Yes, it is possible. Although the "average" female has a 28 day cycle and is supposed to ovulate 14 days into that cycle, no female is the same and none of us are truly average. A number of factors... Read More »

If you have sex three days before your period and your period is on time could you still be pregnant?

Answer i don't think you could be pregnant because that's what happen to me and i didn't get pregnant but every girls body is different but most likely you could not get pregnant.