Do you have to sign CCnRs to buy a home or can you refuse and still buy?

Answer The short answer is: yes, you have to sign. You cannot refuse to sign and still purchase the home. The purpose of CC&Rs -- covenants, conditions, restrictions and reservations -- is to establish a ... Read More »

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Can you refuse to sign your review and performance?

Yes, you can refuse to sign a performance review, though there are different schools of thought on the consequences of doing so. The better course of action is to sign the acknowledgment that you r... Read More »

Can You Refuse to Sign Divorce Papers?

Anyone can refuse to sign divorce papers, but this will only delay the inevitable. Divorce papers might be refused because someone does not agree with the stipulations of the agreement. If compromi... Read More »

Can I refuse to sign on a refinance mortgage at closing?

On One Hand: You Can Refuse Before Signing PaperworkBefore the closing table, or even at the closing table, of any mortgage transaction, you can refuse to sign the paperwork and stop the mortgage p... Read More »

What if you refuse to train for combat medic in army my granddaughter completed boot camp and has now decided to refuse to train for combat medic and just wants to come home to boyfriend?

She's training as a "Healthcare Specialist", not a Combat Medic. She can refuse to train if she wishes. Of course, she'll have to face the music. If she fails to report in, there'll be administrati... Read More »