Do you have to shave your vagina before birth?

Answer Ofcourse not! Most Doctors don't have a preference about shaved or unshaved, however it makes their job easier if the area is clean! If you get a really picky Dr. they will order a nurse to shave y... Read More »

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Ladies: Do you shave or wax your vagina?

I literally picture the skin ripping off from waxing. I've heard some horror stories. I just can't bring myself to do it.

Do you have to shave your goatee before Army boot camp?

Once recruits arrive at basic training, also known as boot camp, an army barber shaves their heads. Throughout basic training, male recruits must shave all facial hair, unless religious obligations... Read More »

How to shave/clean/take care your vagina?

Sorry to hear about your mum. Dark labia are normal - thats what happens to your pubic region when you go through puberty. I have inner labia that are bigger than my outer labia too - vaginas com... Read More »

How do you shave your vagina hair Girls only please :)?

I never use shaving cream, not even on my legs, and I shave it all off. You just have to be careful. I just press the razor gently to my skin and shave. Don't add a lot of pressure like you would y... Read More »