Do you have to refrigerate apple butter?

Answer On One Hand: Sealed ContainersThe Natural Center for Food Preservation warns that any canned food item, bought or homemade, is at risk for Clostridium botulinum bacteria, which causes food poisonin... Read More »

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How to Refrigerate Apple Pie After Baking?

Refrigerating apple pie extends its shelf life longer than just letting it sit on the counter under a pie cover. It also helps to avoid the risk of bacteria or insects finding your dessert--particu... Read More »

Does any one have a good recipe for apple butter?

Apple Butter, Sugar Free Crock PotAnother Graham Kerr wonder! From his cookbook "Simply Splenda". In his words, "This is dense, thick and dark brown, just like my grandmother made. The apple peels ... Read More »

What is the difference between apple butter&apple jelly?

Apple butter and apple jelly are both made from apples, which is about all they have in common. Both styles are very different in taste, texture, ingredients and the process by which they are made.... Read More »

Your apple iPod headphones jack snapped off you have only had this for a couple months and you have the one year warranty with apple Will Apple replace these headphones?

Yeah its about that, as any mechanical device, headphone also need burn in... The biggest changes happen in the first 24 hours tough... in those first 24 hours dont make them constantly running as ... Read More »