Do you have to purchase Vocaloid program separately?

Answer Vocaloid3 was the first version of Vocaloid to require a separate editor. Each Vocaloid2 voice comes with its own editor, and has no limitations.Also, Vocaloid2 voices can be imported into the Voca... Read More »

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When you buy a new wall mounted tv does it come with the tv wall bracket or would you have to purchase one separately?

It depends on the television set that you buy. Check on the box to see if it has an included wall bracket. Some do, but others do not have one included.

What do I do if my computer is infected and have no money to purchase a decent antispyware program?

There are plenty of FREE versions of very good software.CCleanerAd-AwareAVGAvast!There are four with free slightly-limited versions that come to mind. In fact, I use all four, myself.There are also... Read More »

Is there any scanning program that you don't have to purchase in order to fix problems on your computer?

Hi WendyDownload AVAST....That is the only software you will need. It will scan and detect trojans and spywares etc....We programmers use this software because it doesn't slow down the computer an... Read More »

Do you have to buy a charger separately when you buy an ipod?

When you buy an Ipod, you can get the computer adapter with it, but you dont get a plug in Wall charger or anything. But the comouter can still charge the Ipod.