Do you have to print the reservation details for argos?

Answer No, just show them (or tell them) the number. I've done it several times.

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Myspace custom details section -details in question.?

alot of the sites that have "layout designs' & 'custom backgrounds' also have "contact tables". Just liek you do with the background, you select a design youlike and copy the code and paste it in ... Read More »

I won a free laptop and cant get any details on the shipping details and i cant get into the site that has off?

me too..we mugs must wise up..i aint a hope in hell of seeing it..

What do you think of the new " Argos " catalogue ?

Wow I think it's lovely - better cover than the last one, - seriously I agree with you their prices have gone up quite a lot!!!!! good question!!!!

Returning item to Argos?

You'll have to ask Argos! This is a quote from their website - "To protect your personal security, we are also unable to accept returns on some non-faulty imaging and recording products such as MP... Read More »