Do you have to play WOW online?

Answer World of Warcraft is released through Blizzard Entertainment and currently does not offer any offline play. Monthly subscriptions include updates (but not expansion packs) for $15 a month, as of Ja... Read More »

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Do both people have to have the same game to play online Wii?

To play with your friend online, both players must have their own copy of a game that supports online multi-player. In addition to the same game, both players must have each others Wii Friend Code ... Read More »

Do you need a TV Licence in the UK if you have a television just to watch DVD's or play online on a console?

No, you don't.The law (Communications Act 2003) requires that a licence is obtained for any device that is "installed or used" for "receiving or recording a television programme at the same time (o... Read More »

How Do You Play PSP Online?

Some Sony PSP games allow you to connect to the Internet and play online with other gamers. You will need high-speed Internet and a wireless router to make this work. If the router uses a security ... Read More »

How to Play GTA-4 Online?

Grand Theft Auto IV introduces a feature that fans of the series have been craving since its inception: online multiplayer. This open-world crime game is available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStatio... Read More »