Do you have to pay to have iTunes on your computer?

Answer Answer No, itunes is free software. You can purchase songs through this software, however the software itself is free. This is available free from the apple website.

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My old itunes got erased and i have a new computer with new itunes how can i put the new songs from the new itunes to my ipod withought erasing all of the songs from my ipod and sync the new ones?

Answerit will be a gotcha lurks when you install iTunes and plug your iPod onto a new computer because iTunes is set by default to replace your iPod library with the desktop library the first time ... Read More »

Do you have to have iTunes to put music on your ipod?

NO. Thereare dozens of applications you can use. Here is a link for reviews on 10 of them. I like mediamonkey and winamp Read More »

If you have IE on your computer, can you have firefox on it too, or do u have to delete one to get the other?

You can have as many browsers as you want.When the internet first started as we know it now loads of newbrowsers were coming out and we were all trying them out.I had six at one time on my computer... Read More »

How do you download iTunes you have purchased on a non-apple computer to an ipod?