Do you have to pay to go too college or do they pay you 10 POINTS?

Answer You will have to probably pay for your courses, but there is something called financial aid that may pay for some of your courses for you. Financial aid is where the government pays for your cours... Read More »

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I can't go to college 10 points?

Jeep:Can I assume that you completed the FAFSA, and applied for Federal Student Aid? I'm trying to figure this out from reading your question, but you never really said anything about that.The sing... Read More »

10 Points - PLEASE can someone take a look at this laptop and tell me if it's good for a college student?

The second laptop is better with 2 more gigabytes of ram. However, 0 slots available in putting in more ram. Anyways, I think that 100$ isn't worth the second laptop. In your case, minimal gaming a... Read More »

10 POINTS, someone please help, is this a good laptop for a college student?

Hi,I wouldnt really buy that as it has an AMD processor. Check this link for that processors performance:…You can easily buy a laptop with so much better s... Read More »

10 points - PLEASE help - Is an AMD processor good for simple, everyday use (college student)?

I use AMD exclusively because I like the price and ease of upgrade, but then I'm not a gamer. Why Intel processors are the choice for gamers is that they have better and bigger cache on L3 and the... Read More »