Do you have to pay to go too college or do they pay you 10 POINTS?

Answer You will have to probably pay for your courses, but there is something called financial aid that may pay for some of your courses for you. Financial aid is where the government pays for your cours... Read More »

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Girls,do you have jewelry(gold)..if yes,do you wear them in college or university,why(10 points)?

Yeah, i have gold and you can wear it any where , i love wearing all kinds of jewelry, and bangle bracelets and big rings are definitely in style!

Do the people with a million "yahoo answer" points have a job or do they just sit at their computers all day?

I don't think they can have much of a life, unless they do it at work, and then they don't have much of a job.

Do they have gardens in college?

some do. i don't really go to a university i go to a Community college and majority of our school is a big garden. majority of it is cacti though i guess it's because they don't want people pulling... Read More »

My parents are keep making me feel guilty that they are going to have to pay for college?

It is because they worry about your future. I noticed from your previous questions that you want to attend graduate school. Once you graduate with your bachelor's degree, the Pell Grant does not ex... Read More »