Do you have to pay the full amount to avoid foreclosure?

Answer Options are available to help you avoid foreclosure, according to Freddie Mac. You may not have to pay the full amount owed. Call your lender if you are having trouble paying your mortgage.Refinanc... Read More »

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Who approves the bid amount for foreclosure auctions?

The trustee of the property, which is usually a representative of the bank or county, will set a reserve amount stating the absolute lowest price that he will let the house sell for. The auctioneer... Read More »

How to Avoid Foreclosure When Already in Foreclosure?

Avoiding a foreclosure after a lender begins the process isn't impossible. Foreclosures are costly to mortgage lenders. For this reason, lenders are generally eager to work out an agreement with bo... Read More »

How to Avoid Foreclosure?

for tips on what to do if you are already in this predicament.

How to Avoid A Foreclosure Letter?

The word "foreclosure" is scary for many homeowners in America. The loss of a loved one or a steady job can cause a homeowner to become delinquent on his payments, which can lead to the dreaded for... Read More »