Do you have to pay student loans back if you move to another country?

Answer If you are planning to live outside the UK for more than three months, you must inform the Student Loans Company before you leave.You will be asked to complete an ‘Overseas Income Assessment Form... Read More »

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What happens to American student loans if I move to Europe?

When you move overseas your student loans do not stay with you and creditors can pursue you in another country, according to CNN. Student loans, however, do not have a statute of limitations, so yo... Read More »

How do student loans work Once I start paying them back, do I have to pay back consistently?

It seems like everyone who answers on this subject just refer you to a website. Here's my knowledge so far on my son's student loan... He just got accepted for his first fiscal year in school and ... Read More »

Do you have to pay back student loans before going back to school?

You don't pay federal student loans back as long as you're listed as a full time student in the eyes of most financial institutions, and not in default at another school. However, if you got the lo... Read More »

What happens if you don't pay back student loans?

I owed about $45,000, which is now up to about $62,000. Not much has happened, just some poor guy who keeps calling every few days for the past 8 years, asking me to call him back about a very impo... Read More »