Do you have to pay insurance if you have a license but are not driving?

Answer No, if you never drive, you don't need insurance. You need insurance if you own a vehicle. And, if you drive someone else's car and get in an accident and don't have insurance it could be a big mes... Read More »

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Can you buy auto insurance in the US if you have an international driving permit but not a US drivers license?

Answerno. must be a resident to buy auto insurance. a state license is required.New Answer HeadlineYes you can buy auto insurance using you international driving licence. I know this because i have... Read More »

How can you get liability only insurance if you are in the USA on a dependent visa and have an International Driving License but do not own a car?

You contact an insurer that offers non owners auto insurance in the state in which you are currently living. Some but not all Insurers will have no problem with your international license.

How long do I have to have a UK driving license before driving in America?

The length of time you hold a license in the UK or any other country does not determine if you can drive in the United States. You will need an International Driving Permit, in addition to your gov... Read More »

Can you get your own insurance with a driving permit in California or do you need to wait until you have full license?

Replacement or Additional Vehicle Generally, yes.The needed coverage would be comprehensive and/or collision.MOST auto policies provide coverage for a 'new' (additional) or 'replacement' auto, when... Read More »