Do you have to pay income tax on your pension?

Answer Income from a pension plan is taxable. The IRS defines pension income as fully taxable or partially taxable. If accurate taxes were withheld at the time income was placed into the pension plan, the... Read More »

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Do you have to report pension income to supplemental disability insurance carrier?

Yes, essentially Short Term DI fills in the gap during the elimination period for LTDI

If you are receiving short-term disability income benefits and you decide to quit your job will you have to reimburse your employer for the percentage of your income you received during your leave?

NOT ONLY BAD QUESTION but ILLOGICAL - first you collect INSURANCE Benefits - not PAY (this money comes from insurance policy that you and/or employer pay into) - - You don't return any "insurance b... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Pension Income Splitting?

Pension benefits allow you to retire from your company and have your retirement funded by your employer, instead of your personal savings. You may be offered the opportunity to split pension benefi... Read More »

What is the federal income tax rate on a retirement pension?

The federal income tax rate on a pension plan will be different for everyone. There is no separate or unique rate applied specifically to retirement income, and the amount received from pension pla... Read More »