Do you have to pay home owner association dues?

Answer Yes. You are legally obligated to pay homeowner association dues. As long as the homeowner's association was part of the public land records when you purchased your property you agreed to be bound ... Read More »

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Can a home owner association put a lien on your home in Florida for unpaid dues?

Can your home owner association put a line on your house for back homeowner dues?

This sounds a little biblical and primitive, but may be allowed by your governing documents. Read them to verify that this is standard practice in your community. Depending on where you live and th... Read More »

Can a homeowner's association use home owner's dues to have a community block party?

Read your latest annual budget narrative to determine the budget approved by the owners for the category that covers 'community block party'. Otherwise, you can write to your board with a copy to y... Read More »

If Condo owner does not pay their monthly dues what recourse does the association have?

You can read your governing documents and confirm that your monthly assessments may represent an automatic lien against your title, upon which the board can act when you don't pay your assessments.... Read More »