Do you have to pay for vaccinations in the UK?

Answer No all health care is paid for by government.Citizens there have National Health. You don't pay for individual services,but indirectly thru taxes,but no is denied necessary care.This as told to me ... Read More »

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Why use vaccinations?

Vaccinations are important so that if you get that disease, your body will know how to fight it off and you won't suffer. Basically a vaccine is when they are putting the disease into your body but... Read More »

How Much are Dog Vaccinations?

Owning a dog means having it vaccinated at least every three years for rabies and also getting booster shots. Having the shots in a veterinarian's office adds to the cost.FeaturesAll states require... Read More »

When did mmr vaccinations first used?

Depends what country you are refering to. In England I belive it was introduced in 1988. Refer to In USA, it was introduced in 1963. Refer to h... Read More »

Why are some vaccinations bad?

Because they put some cells of the sort of the vaccination in the vaccination and after that you might get cancer