Do you have to pay for a dismissal of a chapter 13?

Answer Because a Chapter 13 filing can only be dismissed upon completion of the payment obligation or after a favorable financial hardship ruling, you cannot recover your original filing fees and other le... Read More »

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When can a Chapter 7 be filed after a dismissal?

According to the United States Bankruptcy Court, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy cannot be filed within 180 days of a dismissal. In addition, individuals are required to undergo an approved credit counselin... Read More »

Can I file Chapter 13 if I have a discharged Chapter 7?

A person may only file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy if the date of his Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge is over four years old. This new bankruptcy law went into effect October 17, 2005.References:Bankrup... Read More »

Can you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy after filing a Chapter 13 six months ago that was dismissed?

You can file bankruptcy at any time, even if you filed six months ago, according to Bankruptcy Law Network. If the courts discharge your debt, however, you must wait four years between a Chapter 7 ... Read More »

Can i file a chapter 13 in wisconsin if my chapter 7 has been discharged for 3 years?

Bankruptcy in the United States is administered through federal court rather than state courts to ensure standardization throughout the country. According to federal guidelines, no one can have de... Read More »