Do you have to pay for MSN on your mobile?

Answer You do not have to pay any extra fee to use MSN Mobile on your mobile phone. However, use of MSN Mobile may lead to extra fees from your mobile phone provider if you exceed the limits of your data ... Read More »

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Do you have to pay to browse the internet with wifi if you have your own connection on the T-mobile Shadow?

I have a Verizon Wireless router and I use my internet connection with my Shadow. I can give you exact instructions on how to connect with your's or any other wireless connection....

What have you got on your mobile as your wallpaper?

amazing question....... just how do you choose a best answer for this?

How many times have you had your mobile stolen?

i keep my phone on me and do not lay it down for no reason if i am out i place it in my case after use do not let others hold my phone and i am protective over it i watch it just like i would watch... Read More »

What ringtone have you got on your mobile phone?