Do you have to pay child support if in divorce decree states none to be paid?

Answer By the letter of the law, that is true. However, you may consider stepping in for special trips, sports and other activity fees, and other needs that you see--not to be Santa Claus, but to particip... Read More »

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In Idaho does a man have rights to a child whom he helped raise and to whom he paid child support for three years and then found out the child was not his?

Answer You need a lawyer for this one, and yes, you do have rights because you have #1 been lied too and #2 paid child support. This case would go to court and you may win. Be sure you have all c... Read More »

Was over paid child support for 2 years than child support stopped for 1 year does the law consider it an extra?

Overpaid child support is often consider a gift by the courts, which is why one need to regularly monitor their payments. see links below

What is the contempt of court penalty for not following a divorce decree child visitation order?

My ex husband should have returned the kids back to me on Wednesday per the court order at 10:00am. The night before he refused to return the kids and said he will return them on Friday at 6:00pmWe... Read More »

Do you have to grant the wish of your spouse for a divorce knowing you will end up paying for child support and alimony?

Answer Sounds like you are not being responsible for your wife or children. Obviously if your wife wants a divorce there are reasons and yes, in a court of law you do have to comply with what the ... Read More »