Do you have to pay child support if child lives with you?

Answer Yes, until the child support order has been modified to reflect the change in custody. You will be required to pay any arrears that have accumulated up until the modification order.

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Does the mother have custody when the child lives with her and the father pays child support?

Answer Custody is usually granted by the courts during divorce procedings. Custody is granted by the courts and not determined by who the child lives with. Custody may be granted to the father, th... Read More »

Does the non-custodial parent have to pay child support while the child lives with him for 3 months of the year?

AnswerIf the child is staying with say the father for three monthes then he should keep the money for those monthes to help with the child's needs. Why should you the mother, get the money when you... Read More »

Should you still be paying the mom child support when child lives with grandmother shouldn't mom have to pay too?

Can a father stop paying child support if the child lives with him?

Once the father gains legal custody through the courts, he may request that child support be terminated.