Do you have to pay back finacial aid if you drop a class?

Answer If you recieved a grant.. then it really depends on how many classes you are taking. Your school will have a criteria.. that if your taking x amount of hours.. then you have to be passing at least... Read More »

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Pay back pell grant money if i drop a class?

When you drop a class that was paid for with a Pell Grant, your school is required to determine what percentage of the Pell funds were "earned".If you attend for more than 60% of the semester, all ... Read More »

I need some information on the fafsa grant. I failed a class. Do I have to pay the money back for that class?

If it was a grant, then no, you do not. However, if you GPA drops below a 2.5 or 2.0, your fafsa aid will be greatly diminished! But don't worry about it if it was just one class and you did fine i... Read More »

If You Fail a Class Do You Have to Pay Back Loans?

Student loans, which come from the federal government, private lenders, and colleges and universities, help many students pay for their educations. However, unlike scholarships and grants, loans re... Read More »

How to Drop a College Class?

To successfully complete a college course, you must fulfill all of the professor's curriculum requirements and receive a passing grade. If you are not doing well in a class or cannot complete it fo... Read More »