Do you have to pay anything to keep your iPhone on and working?

Answer definelty not, however if you do not pay for unlimited internet, you will be charged for the use of the internet.

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What do you do when your iPhone is not working?

Use another phone until yours is repaired or working again.

I just updated my iPhone but know its not working?

Your apps that came pre-installed on the iphone, mail, ipod, calendar, etc., should work anyway. If even these apps don't work, you have a software issue and need to first try rebooting the phone,... Read More »

Why isn't my iPhone camera working?

Try resetting your iPhone. Hold Down the Home Button AND the Power button at the same time for 30 seconds

My Iphone 4s ringer is not working!?

You may need a new loudspeaker they can go occasionally! Try locking your phone an plugging your charger in until it makes a sound when the charger is plugged in!