Do you have to make your son visit his father if he does not want to?

Answer Answer It's a court order. You could go to jail for contempt if you don't comply.For more details see brandeslaw.comor

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Can your father get a court order making you visit him if you are 15 and live with your mom and haven't seen your father in 5 months and he is threatening to get a court order if you don't visit?

Answer yes he can, provided they have filed a settlement agreement with the court in the county in which you live which gives your father rights of visitation or parenting time. If your mom does n... Read More »

Im 19 pregnant and want to keep the baby but the father does too many drugs you don't want a druggie to be the father of your baby what should you do?

Answer First pray that nothing is wrong with your child being that the dad does drugs what ever was in his systems is know going to be in the babys. You either get the father help or have him term... Read More »

Son 15 doesn't refuses to visit his father because he says his father is making comments that disturb him is this something the judge will want to hear?

Maybe. If the 15 year old has a law guardian or social worker, start there.will dapends what kind of comments. If its like your fat good lose some weight then not always, but if its something more ... Read More »

Does your 12-year-old have to go to visitation with his father if he does not want to go and his dad has to physically force him into the car?

AnswerIf i were u i wouldn't have my child do anything he doesn't want to besides he is 12 yrs old i think he knows whether he wants to go or not if i wer you i would ask him how he feels about goi... Read More »