What Are Things You Can Write Off on a Farm Account?

Answer Due to the difficult circumstances in which farmers must try to make a profit, the IRS allows them specific types of tax write-offs. Farmers generally have to hire professionals to complete their t... Read More »

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Things You Can Deduct From a Health Savings Account?

The best way to determine what medical expenses to deduct tax-free from a Health Savings Account is to follow the guidelines in IRS Publication 502, "Medical Expense Deductions," and IRS Publicatio... Read More »

What sort of things do i need to take into account when buying a Graphics card for my computer?

Definitely check the warranty coverage, many makers have lifetime warranties.Make sure you have the correct slot (BUS type) for your motherboard. eg. PCI, AGP, PCI ExpressPCI Express slots are the ... Read More »

When you make a youtube account, does this mean you've made a Gmail account too?

Nope. You can link the two, but they are two separate entities.

What are easy things and cheap things to make?