Do you have to keep plasma tv upright?

Answer you do not have too but it would be best if you did and didnt mess with it

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Do you have to keep a plasma HDTV upright?

A plasma HDTV should be kept upright at all times. When moving or storing a plasma HDTV, if the set is tilted at even a slight angle it puts the unit at risk for damage. The outer glass is heavy an... Read More »

Can anyone please tell me how to remove the motor from the Eureka smart boss upright 4870 upright vacuum cleaner?

It changed the way we worked in life. Instead of spending time hitting rugs to get all of the dirt off. People had more time to do other things.

What does plasma have to do with a plasma TV?

Plasma is used in plasma screen televisions as it can be manipulated to show different colours.

Do I have to set my subwoofer upright?

Everything you do will effect the sound to some extent or another; its possible it would still work depending on resonances it induces from surrounding material and other factors not mentioned...... Read More »