Do you have to keep bocconcini cheese in liquid until you use it?

Answer Yes you should it will help keep it fresher.

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If you are divorced can you keep the same auto policy until it expires and have everyone covered including 2 children?

Answer Aparently not. I have the same problem now. Im in the UK and USAA (who I had in the states) would not switch my policy to a UK policy due to stricter rules in the UK. It is up to the Insuran... Read More »

So... Ehhh... have you ever started to shave your head, and then decided just to keep going until you run outa?

Rofl!! No, but maybe I will now!(((pushes on hims nose)))

If you have joint custody of your son and feel that his safety is in question do you have a legal right to keep him until you feel that he is no longer in danger?

Answer The custodial parent who fears for their child's safety would not have a legal right to keep the child from the other parent until a court ruled on the legitimacy of the claim. In other wor... Read More »

What is best way to keep lettuce from wilting or browning I want it fresh. How long will it keep until?

If you cut it, you should dunk it in ice water immediately after cutting, shake/pat dry, then bag up in a ziploc or produce bag and place that in the crisper.I have a 10 day old head of red romaine... Read More »