Do you have to keep a plasma HDTV upright?

Answer A plasma HDTV should be kept upright at all times. When moving or storing a plasma HDTV, if the set is tilted at even a slight angle it puts the unit at risk for damage. The outer glass is heavy an... Read More »

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Do you have to keep plasma tv upright?

you do not have too but it would be best if you did and didnt mess with it

46 in LCD HDTV or a 50 in Plasma HDTV. Same price. Which is a better choice?

Even though Plasma HDTVs have a great picture at first, after a while the picture starts to dim and they have to be "re-gassed" by a qualified technician which costs around $350 and up according to... Read More »

What's better...Plasma or LCD HDTV?

-Panasonic's 1080p plasma TVs have a half-life of 100,000 hours (30-40 years of typical use)- An LCD TV only has a half life of 60,000 hours (25-27 years of typical use).-A plasma TV will lose brig... Read More »

Which is better, plasma HDTV's or LCD?

Plasma is best for fast motion content like sports, movies & gaming because they don't suffer from motion blurring like LCD's do! They also have the best picture quality too with their 2,000,000:1 ... Read More »