Do you have to join a newly formed home owner association?

Answer If you purchased property with the understanding that there 'would be' a homeowners association 'at some point in the future' and you purchased the property anyway, then you are automatically inclu... Read More »

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Do you have to pay home owner association dues?

Yes. You are legally obligated to pay homeowner association dues. As long as the homeowner's association was part of the public land records when you purchased your property you agreed to be bound ... Read More »

Two people purchased home with a home owner association and are not part of the association?

If the homes are within the provenance of the association, the new owners are automatically members of the association and are required to pay monthly assessments and live in the property according... Read More »

Do home owner association fines have a statue of limitations?

Usually not. However, realize that when you don't pay your assessments, fines or special assessments -- for which the lien was filed -- you continue to ask your neighbors to pay your bills. You can... Read More »

Can a home owner association put a lien on your home in Florida for unpaid dues?