Do you have to insure a car if you dont drive it on the public streets?

Answer Answer If the vehicle has a leinholder, regardless where you drive it, it has to have full coverage insurance (or able to show financial responsibility). This is due to anything can happen and the... Read More »

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Who owns the mineral rights under public roads or streets?

In some cases, the mineral rights under a public road or street may belong to the owner of an adjacent lot, depending on the deed associated with that lot, and state laws governing mineral rights. ... Read More »

Can a public company self-insure?

States do allow public companies to self-insure, although each has its own requirements. In some states, such as Illinois and Massachusetts, public companies do not have to obtain approval to self-... Read More »

Would I be able to drive a MoPed in the streets of Massachusetts?

Shown is a cheap Chinese 149cc "scooter". It is not a legal "moped" in any State of the Union. In any State it will be legally a motorcycle. To ride on the streets you will need a motorcycle reg... Read More »

Can I drive farm equipment on the streets?

On One Hand: Legal to Drive Farm EquipmentFarm equipment can generally be driven on public streets, which is often necessary so farmers can take their equipment between fields. Farm equipment does ... Read More »