Do you have to have to have the father's consent to give a baby up for adoption?

Answer It's a personal choice, they cannot make you do anything actually. Do what you think is right & don't let everyone elses feelings affect your actions. You are the one, who in the long run, will hav... Read More »

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Can a woman put a baby up for adoption without the fathers consent in Utah?

Sign up with an agency *if you do, please make sure you research the agency, there are several agencies out there that are no good.**You can also go Independent, and cut out the middle man and save... Read More »

Do both parents need to give consent to put their baby up for adoption?

Can a child be put up for adoption without fathers consent?

certainly NOT, if the fathers' name is the birth certificate, if the father's is absent but he knows the child is his a DNA test is in order and make sure that the father gets a good lawyer!!

Can unmarried mother put child up for adoption without fathers consent?

Legally, yes a mother can do that. She has legal rights that are superior to the father.