Do you have to have the internet for an answer tone?

Answer You must be able to get online to search, buy and download answer tones. If you have a portable device to transfer data from your computer to your phone, you don't have to have the Internet on your... Read More »

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How do you get an answer tone on an iPhone?

There are a few ways but the easiest is a free app in the Apple app store called "ringtones" It will let you make a song you have into a ring tone for free with just a few easy steps. ^^^^You're a... Read More »

How do you make an answer tone?

I assume that you are asking about ringtones that the person who calls your cell phone hears. These tone are set-up through your cell phone provider and cost about 2-5 dollars per month and there i... Read More »

Why can i get internet but no making or receiving calls on telephone and no dial tone?

for your phone to work you use a pair of wires between your socket and the exchange. if one of these go faulty i.e. breaks then you lose your dial tone and cannot make or receive calls. the braodba... Read More »

Why can not the internet answer the questions i ask it?

Uh, lemme guess. Because you haven't asked in here until now?