Do you have to have the internet for an answer tone?

Answer You must be able to get online to search, buy and download answer tones. If you have a portable device to transfer data from your computer to your phone, you don't have to have the Internet on your... Read More »

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Do you ever have the urge to answer "You're on the Internet, look it up!"?

If i already have norton internet security and scan thingy will i have to delete it if i have avg?

You should only ever use one anti-virus at a time since they can conflict with each other. Un-install one and use the other, although I wouldn't recommend either of the ones you have stated since t... Read More »

How to Answer the Question, "How Many Children Do You Have" if You Have Lost a Child or Never Had One?

KatrinaAt any event, party or gathering someone will inevitably ask "So, how many children do you have?" They are just trying to mingle, open the door to conversation or catch up on your life. Such... Read More »

Why is my mouse so slow. Is it something my grandchildren have done Any chance you have the answer?

Could be that your mouse settings got changed.Go to the start button.Then go to control panel.Then go to the mouse icon and click.Click on the pointers options tab at the top of the window.Then sim... Read More »