Do you have to have the baby first to have it adopted?

Answer You don't have to already have the baby to meet the person/couple you want to adopt your baby, but you do have to be pregnant. Some regions will also require a waiting period to confirm the ability... Read More »

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Adoptees: Would you have liked to have been adopted by an adopted person?

I would like to have not been adopted. I do love my parents that adopted me. Would I miss them if I had not been adopted? Of course not. They would have adopted the 'next' baby and I would have... Read More »

Have you adopted a baby in Guatemala Other countries Are you concerned your baby was kidnapped and sold?

Don't forget Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Greece, Haiti, India, Kenya, Laos, Liberia, Mexico, Moldova, Nigeria, Russia, Sri Lanka, Togo, Uganda and Ukraine, to name but a few. There ... Read More »

Is it easier to have a baby or to adopted a baby?

With all that you have to go through to have a baby, it would be easier to adopt one. But if you have your own baby, that brings more satasfaction.

Would it be bad to have a baby at 16 or 17 if you have a job go to a school with a daycare in it are in a serious relationship and can afford it because you and the baby's father have a job?

Personally I don't think it would be bad, but it would be very hard. Are you sure that you two will stick together?