Do you have to have some sadomasochistic tendencies to want to become a dentist?

Answer I stay away from them...I never understood the "this wont hurt" thing...I am sure they meant it would not hurt them as it hurt like hell for me...Evil sadistic people they are...

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What do I have to do to become a dentist? and consistent results right the way through in your chosen subjects.Relevant work experience and some voluntary work will make you stand out for selection in t... Read More »

I have some photos at home that I want to get on my computer but I don't have a

Kinko's, Office Depot, you can even take them to a Kodak Picture center and then scan them to a disk and have the store that owns that Picture center put them to disk, you can also take them to you... Read More »

Some men do not want their ladies to have tattoos, some don't care, and some are fascinated by women who ...?

It makes her easier to pick out of a police line-up.

I have an intex webcamera,I want to install it but i have lost my installation C.d.please suggest me some way?

well the company must have some kind of website i suggest looking for that and contact them about getting a new cd