Do you have to have pet insurances on reptiles?

Answer Depends where you live and most likely it would be best to put health insurance on your pet in case they get injured.

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You have two primary health insurances and want to know if they both have to pay as primaries not as a secondary and what happens if a bill gets overpaid when they both pay?

AnswerEventually the insurances will figure out that one is overpaying and they'll get refunds from the doctors. Note that some policies do not coordinate and then they both might pay as prime cor... Read More »

How do medical insurances coordinate payments if you have coverage from two companies?

Answer Most of them require a coordination of benefits form to be filled out before paying claims. Typically only one policy pays. You would have to talk with the companies in question to find o... Read More »

Why Do Reptiles Have Scales?

Scales are an important adaptation that evolved to help reptiles deal with the challenges of their environments. Most reptiles evolved scales for protection and to prevent dehydration, but there ar... Read More »

Do all reptiles have scales?

All reptiles have scales. The reptile family includes snakes, lizards, turtles and tortoises. Frogs, newts and salamanders are amphibians, which are closely related to reptiles, but amphibians do n... Read More »