Do you have to have parental consent to get an abortion in the state of Kentucky?

Answer No, I dont think so. But abortion is really bad. When you get an abortion you have a risk of not having kids again. God does not like abortions. Adoption would be so much better!Another responseUnl... Read More »

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Can a 13 year old have an abortion without parental consent in Pennsylvania?

Answer no. Under the age of 17, parental consent is required for the morning after pill also. Sometimes the doctor will mislead the parents and do a d and c and not tell them it is for pregnancy, ... Read More »

Can a person have an abortion without a parental consent in Oklahoma?

Answer Every abortion law is different in each state. You would be better off asking your Physican about this as they will have all of the information.

Why can women have an abortion without the father's consent BUT consent is needed for adoption?

I'm no lawyer but I would guess that until the baby is born the mothers rights are the most important in law, so she gets to decide what procedures she wants to go through. Once the baby is born t... Read More »

Can a 17-year-old obtain an abortion without parental consent in Michigan?

Answer Call your local county court house to find out. More Contributor Opinions Under Michigan law the minor and one parent or legal guardian must give written consent for an abortion to be perfo... Read More »