Do you have to have car insurance on a broken car?

Answer If the car is not driveable (for example, up on blocks), you can generally suspend the insurance until it is roadworthy. However, state law may differ on this point, so you need to contact the divi... Read More »

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How much does the car insurance company pay out for a broken rib?

A broken rib does not require much medical treatment, but can, nevertheless, be very painful. Car insurance companies typically pay out in the region of $150 per unit of insurance for a broken rib.... Read More »

Will renter's insurance cover a broken TV?

Is a broken furnace covered by homeowner's insurance?

Generally, a broken furnace is not covered by homeowners insurance. Homeowners insurance will cover a furnace if it breaks because of damage caused by an outside force like fire or dripping water, ... Read More »

Do all insurance companies cover broken windshields?

All insurance companies cover broken windshields under the comprehensive section of an auto policy. Windshield damage is paid out only after the comprehensive deductible has been met by the insured... Read More »